About Us

About Innogads

Innogads – A dream that allowed us to pursue the production of the next best devices. The brand was first established in 2017, enabling us to market through the pioneer of technology and thus creating innovative gadgets. Our goal is to assist people with their daily tasks through innovative and trendy gadgets that will simply make their lives easier.

The concept of Innogads

Innogads was established through the sale of power banks and smartphone accessories. Even so, with a more revolutionized world of smartphone where updates are available at a simple touch, our Founder chose to diversify. With a phone at the center of most people’s lives, smart wearables and wireless earbuds were created to accompany the technology, which continue to arise in Mauritius. Innogads is one of the first brand to offer exceptional wireless earbuds and smartwatches.

Innogads Today

What sets us apart from other sellers is what we offer to our young customers, who are exposed to our latest and distinct technology accessories. A program has been implemented to reward our customers with exclusive discounts on their favorite items.

Our Motto is to facilitate the lives of everyone – to sellers and buyers – by making your products available to the world.


Innogads is engineering towards wearable tech and limited-edition gadgets. The brand is focusing on the latest tech and concepts. We truly value innovative products derived from deep thoughts and future-looking designs.

What can we do for you ?

Check all your order details before continuing to checkout & pay. We accept only online orders and payment through internet banking or Juice by MCB. 

We’ve made our online shop simple to use and if ever you are facing any difficulties with the checkout process, please send us a message in our chat box.

Notify us after your purchase to schedule the delivery of your product. Kindly note that dispatch is done within 3 days or less, guaranteed.In case you are not home when delivery occurs, the postal service will leave a memo with instructions to obtain your parcel.

Get assistance 24/7; you can interact with our Customer Service Team through your account on our website. In case you need to report an activity, or you have queries about your account and certain gadgets, we are available to guide and guarantee you have an easy buying experience. Reach out to us! Any remarks will be considered!

Help us improve Innogads’ products and services !
Chat with a gadget specialist in our chat box and provide us with interesting suggestions.
Whenever you find an ideal product worth being in our collection, kindly contact us
on support@innogads.com

As our brand says itself, we provide the newest technologies. Surf through our website to get our latest range of products available in stock and upcoming ones. We attempt to supply the finest quality appliances at a considerably affordable rate. All products delivered at your convenient place and time.

Kindly note that any accessory bought at Innogads is guaranteed. Damaged or defective products may be replaced in no more than one year of purchase. All damages caused due to violation of safety instructions (involving each segment of gadgets) are not accountable for return, exchange or replacement. Innogads withholds the right to claim photographic evidence before approving returns concerning defective appliances. Please note that warranty is valid for devices purchased at Innogads only.