Points and Rewards

Earn rewards when you shop. Here’s how:

join for free

Join the INNOGADS rewards program and get a bonus of 50 points!

collect points

Earn points with every purchase when you shop innogads.com

choose your rewards

Turn points into money for exclusive discounts and your favorite products

You can collect points in other ways, too.

other ways to earn points
create an account
first purchase
additional purchase
write a review and get 200 points
get 100 points for additional review
share on social media
get points when login
get points on your birthday
Write a recommendation and earn points
Reach level 2

As you move through the levels, the way we reward you will grow

Eager for a fascinating surprise?

Well you must be, because Innogads Stash is finally here to restore your faith in rewards that you deserve and much more.

Yes, you heard it right!

Part of a loyalty reward program, Innogads Stash allows you to earn points each and every time you purchase from innogads.com on which membership is complimentary. Besides, earned points can be redeemed online for exclusive rewards.

To benefit from this super exciting deal, simply visit our page, connect with us on social media and
share with your friends.

Do not miss your chance to earn points for super exclusive deals!

SHOP, CONNECT and COMPLETE your activities on our Team Innogads Activity Page, through which your points will add up quickly and each time.

The deal is not only exciting, but definitely bounteous as well.

Each sale or mini item purchase on our website will earn you 50 points, and all other items will earn you 100 points.


  • Simply SHARE & CONNECT with the team of Innogads on social media
  • SHARE with your friends, so that they can also make the most of this deal and earn a great amount of points
  • COMPLETE surveys & your beauty profile
  • WRITE & SHARE the product reviews

Thinking of gaining more rewards without much effort?

Well, indulge in our unique way of providing you the best of the best with our redeemable points. For better clarification, redeemable points are the number of points you have available to recover special rewards.

T&C applied: Your number of points decreases with each reward that is redeemed.

But that should not stop you from gaining your most awaited rewards!

Simply visit your Team Innogads Page to review your current redeemable points balance and stay on top of your deal!

Duration of your points:  

To stay on top of your deal, a purchase and the completion of a qualifying loyalty activity has to be done within 12 months. Failure in doing so will result in the expiry of your redeemable points. 

And so, this ensures that all of our members are still active in the Team Innogads Program. 

Simply CONNECT with us for more information.

There is a simple way to redeem your points for rewards as indicated below:

  • Simply CLICK on the rewards you want in the Rewards Shop
  • USE your points to redeem 
  • Follow checkout instructions to add your exclusive reward to your bag
  • Adding your reward to bag at a later time is made possible in Your reward History.

So, get ready to fill your own goody bag on your Team Innogads Program.

 **condition: Bag cannot be empty when adding a reward.

Thinking Fancy? 

Nothing better than obtaining the reward 10x with the same redeemable points. 

Well yes! Innogads Stash provides you the opportunity to redeem your points for the same reward up to not one BUT 10 TIMES per calendar year. The offer remains strong upon the availability of the reward and as long as you have enough points. 

Hurry and get started on your purchase in order to achieve more points to redeem!

Get ready to witness yet another exciting surprise because Innogads offers you a great combination to get your shopping done and dusted. 

Redeeming your points for a product allows you to combine with any promotion. Yes! Any promotion. 

T&C applied:  We are not able to combine % or $ amount off your order’s total with other offers. (For example, redeeming for 10% off invalidates another promo from the same transaction.)


For more info, CONTACT us.