HDMI Flat Cable


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Vention HDMI Flat Cable 2.0

Sometimes it may be difficult to find a high-quality, reliable, and long HDMI cable. At a certain distance, the signal quality inevitably begins to deteriorate. It is also difficult to find a properly certified HDMI cable longer than 25 or 30 feet. The length of the serial cable varies from 25 feet to 100 feet, and this cable will serve you well.

Vention HDMI Flat cable, convenient wiring

HDMI Flat cable showing image resolution

HDMI flat cable, showing golden plated connector

HDMI flat cable 2.0, showing convenient wiring

HDMI flat cable, showing synchronization of Audio and Video

HDMI flat cable 2.0, showing laptop connect with projector

HDMI flat cable 2.0, showing multiple modes

HDMI flat cable compatible with multiple devices

HDMI flat cable, showing materials used inside

HDMI flat cable showing support version


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